Sunday, July 16, 2017

Worldview Camp

My cousin Karis (in the white shirt), loved playing frisbee in our free time.
This is the blue team being enthusiastic.
All the teams of almost 200 kids competing against each other.
Andrew in orange and Grant in blue. They look very serious.
Andrew accusing someone in Mofia.
Grant's friend Marcus from school happened to be there.

This is my small group. I'm in the front row, on the left. My cousin Karis is in the back row, on the right.
We went to Worldview camp again this year! This was Karis and I's third and last time. My brother Grant and his friend Andrew were coming back to camp for their 2nd time. The camp is 6 days of lectures about how to defend your worldview. You listen to 25 hours of lectures from 3 main speakers who do not get paid, they volunteered for this. Grant and Andrew were much more mature with listening to the speakers compared to last year (see I had a fun time getting to see people again from the Mexico mission trip who went there. Now I have 3 full notebooks of notes from the 3 years I was at Worldview Camp. If you live near it, you should go. It's on the east coast, middle states, and west coast. The speakers and staff travel each week to a different destination. Very knowledgeable men!

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