Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three States I Would Like To Visit by Avonlea

There are three states I would like to visit someday. It would be exciting to go to new places. The states I would like to go to are: Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine.

The first state is Vermont. I enjoy snow and there's lots of snow in Vermont. Next, is Massachusetts. Cape Cod in Massachusetts has beautiful scenery. Lastly, is Maine. I've seen pictures of Maine's beautiful fall leaves.

I would like to visit these three states someday. I would like to travel to Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine because their beauty makes me gasp.


  1. Avonlea, I've always wanted to visit Vermont, too. Have you ever read "The Canada Geese Quilt"? It's a short little chapter book about a girl that lives in Vermont. You might enjoy it!

  2. Avonlea- I have always wanted to visit Main as well! Maybe someday we can go there together and see just how beautiful it is. :)

  3. Avonlea,
    I have been to Boston, MA, but never to Vermont or Maine. I might get to go to Maine next summer on my way to Prince Edward Island in Canada. I'll take pictures and put them on my blog so you can see them.