Monday, January 11, 2016

Snow Zone

I have 23 pictures that I want to share which sounds like a lot. I will divide them up into categories.

Human Category

Cross-country skiing and having an ice fight with ski poles.

                                                                     Bird Category
I'm playing the harp while Chloe stares at Pippi on my arm, transfixed.



Rose acquired a parakeet for Christmas. It is named Autumn and it is on the left in the picture below.
Landscape Category

The snow glittered and sparkled marvelously. My face stung with the cold. The 7 ft. drifts loomed up where a fire had ravaged the area. We had headed out to go ice skating but the snow acted like an insulator, covering the slushy water.

Dogs (All of Comet except two of Gypsy)


- Chloe the Calico Cat -

"Enough pictures! All done!" Chloe the Calico Cat complains.