Friday, October 23, 2015

Magical Glimpses: Feast Your Eyes on God's Creation

     This summer transitioning into fall has been a beautiful change. The sun will come out for a couple days then disappear and we'll be wearing our short-sleeved shirts in rainy grumpy weather. There are many pictures I took that hardly capture that magical glimpse. The camera is nothing compared to be actually seeing, smelling, feeling that something in the air, that makes us wonder.... if nature is so awe-inspiring, what about heaven where we'll be experiencing heart lifted moments probably all the time. When I see the ocean roll back and come forth, endlessly, it is a magical glimpse of God's great love and power poured out over us.

Now here are the photos of our life the past two months. ~

When we go into the orchard, the dogs are constantly eating pears, be it Bosc or Anjou.

I found this intact as you see it. I looked around for the weaver and the bird who lost its feathers but could not find them.
The reddish glow on each side is from a hazy sun due to forest fires. In Parkdale, the smoke was especially bad. It killed my bird who I had just gotten 2 weeks earlier. The baby parakeet had been named Rillie. Really Rillie? Must you die?
But then..... I exchanged my dead bird for a new parakeet at PetSmart! I had less than a minute to pick her out so she's a bit of a splotched bird. I named her Pippi but I call her Pipster all the time.
Here she is:

This was Rillie and behind her is Gwenivere who we had to put down. She had some...problems.

I kept trying and trying to get pictures of spider webs. It's really tough!
On the left side, is the summer bark color. On the right, you'll see it changing to its winter garment.

 No , I deny it. I did not put that pear in the nest. I discovered it in one of our orchard trees. Amazing!
By the way, that's a bosc pear in a vacated robin's nest.
Pickin' goodies!
Dad in the bucket of the tractor picking pears.
Over-hanging the creek.
I know I probably put a ton of pictures on here but before I leave, Chloe has something to show you.
I (Chloe the cat) can fit in this tiny box. I love to feel uncomfortable!
Right now, I (Chloe the Cat) need to preach on looking smart on a popular book... The Bible!
Now Avonlea, I (Chloe the Cat) will cross my paws over your biology book so you can't look at the answers. 
Thank you Chloe!