Thursday, March 24, 2011

Arizona by Avonlea

This is a canyon we danced in front of. 85 degrees, wind at our backs[if there
was any] it was hot, but pretty. That's me with the red shirt on.There's a prickly pear
cactus behind me,"ouch!" In the background of this picture, you'll see the outline of Superstition mountains.


Choo, choo! All aboard for a Ghost Town! Ghost Towns were when people would desert the town, like after a gold rush.

A barrel cactus I believe.Look it that hole! Small animals live in cactus holes to escape the heat.

They look nice and fuzzy from faraway, but up close they're spiny!

Oooooo! A good looking cactus!

I really enjoyed Arizona. I'd like to go back............... some day! We also went to the zoo.There were Koalas there.............. so cute! Yes, we had fun.