Monday, November 9, 2015

Funny Stories and Grant's video

   Tonight, I just thought of some funny stories that I want to share. They are all true not made up.

   Our neighbor Allison is an artist who sometimes stops by when she's walking her dog and she and Mom share stories over the fence. Once she came over and related a story about jogging down Main Street and people were waving from their cars and laughing at her. Well, she just thought, our town is very friendly! I love this! Then someone pointed at something beside her. Looking down, she found a chicken that had jumped over a fence of one of the houses she had passed. It was jogging right along beside her. Obviously, chickens like Allison!
    Mom shared back a story that was somewhat similar to Allison's. Mom had been teaching a ballet and had placed a tiara in her hair. Unfortunately, she forgot that it was there and went to the library. Everyone smiled or tried to hide their smiles as they watched Mom browsing the metal racks with a shimmering crown placed in front of a brown bun. Afterwards, once she was safely home, Mom checked in with the mirror and was very surprised to find she still had her tiara on. That's why people were so friendly at the library, she mused.

If only people could be outgoing and friendly in this town without the help of tiaras and chickens! 

Allison shared another hilarious story recently with Mom. She told how she taking a walk in the park and she was about to pass an old couple walking their two dogs. As she passed them, she said, "Two old poopers out for a walk in the park!" She was meaning the dogs but as soon as they were past her she realized that they thought she meant them! They gave her mean glances but poor Allison would have only made it worse if she tried to go back and explain!

Okay, there are some of the funny stories. And now, I'm going to post Grant's mission trip video from Trinidad so you can watch his trip. He's often wearing a neon green shirt. He's sweeping the bricks by himself and when it does fast speed, he's the one in the bright green shirt, doing all the shoveling! You'll also spot him in the beginning in the airplane and a couple other times. There's also some super fun Trini music!