Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kittens strike again!

Slightly blurry but still adorable.

By Avonlea: 
     While in Hawaii, (read my mom's blog for the Hawaii information) we got several frantic texts and phone calls from Ma Glo. On the morning of April 6th, she called to tell us that there was a dead frog in our cage of 15 or so and that she had had to reach inside through the little hole (she said the lid was stuck) and grab the decaying frog. A few hours later (evidently still cleaning up the kitchen), she called yet again to scream that Chloe was having kittens on Rosy's dolls in her play tent. Chloe was not happy to see Ma Glo and proceeded to bite her. When we asked if she could see how many kittens were there, she replied by saying she was on the way to Safeway to get some Neosporin for her bleeding hand. A few days passed and Chloe was still mad to see Ma Glo. Ma Glo said she had three kittens but that soon turned into four when she took a hasty peek at Chloe again. She finally ended up putting just her hand through the flap in the tent and taking a quick picture for us to see. We were gushing over the picture in Hawaii when Mom's sharp eye made out the tiny form of a kitten in the background, fully developed. We don't know what happened but we had a fifth kitten on our hands! Two out of the five kittens survived.... but fortunately they're really cute! And we didn't have to deal with death.....just our Grandma had to.

Hawaiian Monk Seal at Shark's Cove, Oahu

In the play tent on the dress-up clothes (Chloe later moved them to Rosy's room)

The cutest picture in the world! Rosy named her Heidi.

This one I call Rosetta but it's not official. They're both girls.