Friday, May 8, 2015


Parkdale with farmers ready to care for it
Parkdale with the blowing wind that downs trees
In the woods, the pines groan their echos resounding
In the woods, the birds chirp twittering with ease
Rushing, the creek bounces by
Hurriedly, it goes with a song of sound...
 And so on.... these I call half poems. They are half poems and half un-rhyming words. I just took these pictures so they are brand new and lovely. The blooms are Bosc, they're the pears that bloom the latest in our orchard.
It would have been even more beautiful if my shadow wasn't in the way of the sun!
Comet the dirty dog. She had a bath in that bathtub so beware....
The bees on the farm.
This is just a clip from Honolulu zoo.

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