Saturday, December 19, 2015

Photo Bursts From Our House


My harp with the sun shining on it.

Chloe hold on to that pencil!
She already conked out Comet and I.

 Chloe on the top half and Comet's paws holding her bone on the bottom half.

Comet lunging forward.

Chloe displaying a santa cat hat that I crocheted. She's next to Mom's birthday roses.
Even the bird knows what Christmas is all about!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Accidents and Snow

If you took my hand out of the picture and pretended that Chloe was not bird hungry, you'd get the image of her displaying a trophy.
 When we went up to the cottage to stay for a whole week, we had no idea what was in store for us. Making a trip to the ER was not what we hoped to accomplish. Who knew that on Thanksgiving Day, we would go up sledding and come down screaming? Rose certainly didn't consider the possibility when she was high up on a steep rocky ravine. Dad did think she was too high but when he called, she couldn't hear him. She hit a rock. She got the wind knocked out of her and then she was crying. A man came up with a dog named Precious. He looked down at Dad holding Rose and cheerfully exclaimed, " Well, at least she didn't hit a rock!" Hmmmm......Dad showed him the only rock in all the snow. We drove back to the house. Dad picked up Mom to go to the ER with Rose. They dropped us kids off to watch over the turkey. " But when do I take this turkey out of the oven?" I asked Mom who was running out the door. " Just take it out at 2:30," She replied. Okay. Wait, why go to the Emergency room just because an 8 yr. old girl flew 20 ft. off a sled? Her spinal cord pained her catastrophically. Once they were there, the doctors gave her morphine and a CT scan just in case she had internal injuries. She didn't.....thank the Lord, but she did have a sprained back. The doctor told Mom and Dad that she would be 100% in 2-3 days. Because of the morphine, Rose said many interesting things such as crying out every 5 minutes for "Mother's turkey" and telling Bethany the nurse that she was her best friend and giving out our address. When they finally got home and we were all seated round the table except Rose who had to lie down, we found out the turkey was not done. I had taken it out like Mom said but it was still pink and soggy. We had an interesting Thanksgiving.... that we will always remember.

The Rock

Rose right after the accident.
This video of Grant going down the same hill Rose went down is sideways so if you just crane your neck......this by the way was just a couple minutes before Rose went down.
It also snowed at our cottage. Here's some pictures around it.

A huge cedar fell on our dam, cracking a stone bench in two. We made a bonfire out of the cedar  that literally averaged 100 ft. of sparks into the air. It was fun to dodge them as they fell down.

Why do people dump tires on our property!