Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adventure Wilderness

 By Avonlea

I had a lovely Christmas break and I hope you did too. I did manage to read a couple of the books I wanted to read but I was busy getting in twenty hours of physical exercise for school. Which I had no problem doing seeing as how we went to La Pine, Oregon with an ATV and than to Parkdale for a refreshing four days. On the way back from Parkdale, we hit a part blizzard, part nightmare and Dad had to put the chains on and off, four separate times.
Dad putting on the chains with the wind howling

We finally got to Parkdale though, completing the trip in 7 hours instead of 2 and a half hours.

We went ice skating on a pond/lake 10 minutes from our cottage. It was superb up there but unfortunately I got no pictures. I did take pictures of our meager ice on our creek though!

                                      Gypsy on our frozen creek


There were a lot of tracks in the sparkling snow....... and birds at the birdfeeder!


Mt. Hood clothed in elegance. (From cottage window)

Oh no....not another bone!