Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creating Together

My children love to create. Their mommy can either be a big creative damper or a delightful artistic enthusiast. I usually fall somewhere between those two. But when it comes to art, I 've learned a few things.
First, I have the projects and supplies ready before I call them. Table cleared off, paper ready, brushes out. I also have the website up on the computer. I get the majority of my art ideas from this wonderful website. 

Secondly, when we do art, we have no (or very little) time frame. Artists hate to be rushed through their creation. So I let them take their time and enjoy it thoroughly. I want them to learn to work diligently and put their best effort into their creations. So....even if it means we don't get to afternoon school, so be it.

Thirdly, because of the time and effort art takes, we don't do it together weekly. However, I do have other artistic outlets that they love to pursue when they get the creative bug. They each have a blank notebook and access to scissors, glue, and old magazines. I can't begin to tell you the amount of time they have spent scrap booking both together and by themselves. The young ones love paint with water books.  I have baskets of stickers that I've found at garage sales that they love to use to create pictures or cards.
Lastly, it's the time with mommy that really makes the art time special. I almost always end up helping to paint or color or draw. I have absolutely no artistic talent, but they love me anyway, and they give me pointers!