Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our Summer in 6 days : One cousin who used to put snakes in her mouth, Two boys who still act like they're 8, and Three me.

      We headed to a Worldview Camp for 6 days in July. The Christian camp is about leadership and different worldviews. My cousin Karis ( I'm older by a month) and our friend Andrew came with me and Grant. Karis and I had been there last year but this was Grant and Andrew's first time. We had 32 hours of lectures. By the time the 6 days were over, Grant and Andrew's notebooks were filled with little figures with names over their heads (like Andrew or Grant). Each figure held an enlarged gun and had enormous proportions. They also amused themselves by doodling shapes than filling in the inside of the shape with black ink from their poor pens. The poor pens were taken apart many many times and dropped and jiggled through teeth. When there was a break between lectures, Grant and Andrew would content themselves with ninja but what they really preferred was tag.They were the only ones who would play tag. Two 14 and 15 yr. old boys running around in between Frisbee and Ninja players was surprising to most. Grant would've never played tag without Andrew's persuasiveness. Grant is stiff and straight unless he's with the right people. Anyway, back to the notebooks. While Andrew and Grant drew ( they did write down what was on the screens), Karis and I wrote interesting facts like truth and beauty are inextricably symmetrical. Don't worry, all of us learned a lot more than that!
     On Friday, our Mom and Andrew's mom came to pick us up. We were almost to the car when we passed a truck full of dogs. There were 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs and two of their puppies! We brought home a little girl as a surprise for Rowan and Rose. They named her Pearl. She is 1/16th Great Pyrenees which shows why her legs are white instead of auburn. She is the sweetest thing. They are known to be docile, self-assured, and calm which fits Pearl to a T.

Our Black Pearl
This is our cousin Karis holding one of our kittens.
Grant is on the left with the puppy which Karis's arm is petting. Andrew is on the right with a Frisbee on as a hat.

Left to right: Rowan, Karis, Rose, me (Avonlea), and Grant.

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  1. I always love reading about your adventures, Avonlea. I have to say, my favorite line this time was: "Grant is stiff and straight unless he's with the right people." Great visual -- it made me smile. Avery has been very inspired by Pearl . . . she's saving up and praying for a birthday puppy ;).