Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Stocking by Avonlea

It all started by Mommy telling us we weren't going to have stockings this year. Instead, we decided to earn money for little children in other countries so we hung up our stocking for them. We started in early December and by Christmas Eve our stockings for the children were bulging. We opened the stockings up on Christmas Eve night and had ...... $960.86 for the children from different countries! We were so excited! We each got $160.00 to spend. I spent it on a goat and two chickens for $100 plus a fishing kit and another pair of chickens for $65.00(Mom gave me five extra dollars) and so we'll make some people happy for Christmas. It makes me feel joy in my heart to share with other people.


  1. Avonlea, I'm so proud of you! This will be a very memorable Christmas for you -- and for some blessed, far-away children, too!

  2. Avonlea,I think that was a good idea i wonder how you did it.good job your friend conner